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Free Shipping on all orders over $50!
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About the Maker

Hi! I'm Courtney!  I am an elementary music teacher, photographer, bartender, voice instructor, Pampered Chef consultant, and oh yeah....the owner of Ear to Ear!

E2E (Ear to Ear) Jewelry started during quarantine when my boyfriend and I were stuck inside of our house and most of my other jobs were closed or remote.  We began slowly losing our minds (as many of us did), so I knew I needed a new hobby.  I saw a video on Tik Tok (yes....I'm 26 and still watch Tik Toks) of someone making polymer clay earrings and I immediately bought my first pack of clay and tools the following day.

Since July of 2020, this small hobby has grown into a small business and I am so grateful for your support.  All of our earrings are handmade in our little Merrimack, NH home.  I do most of the creating, and my boyfriend Gordy assists me with the assembling and sanding.

Thank you for shopping small with us! :)